Personal Projects: thoughts on making an indie game

After nearly a year of talking about the games we’d like to make, my friends and I have finally gotten to committing time and making progress on our dream mobile game: a slow-paced, relaxing resource-management/cafe role-playing game. Neko Atsume meets Animal Crossing meets a super simple Diner Dash. It’s interesting returning to a game design … More Personal Projects: thoughts on making an indie game


UX Design in Splatoon

I’m not a fan of gritty shooters, but I am a fan of Nintendo’s off-the-wall game designs, so I immediately grabbed Splatoon when it came out. And I was not disappointed. Given how often I’ve been playing this recently, I thought I’d talk about less discussed but still interesting aspects of Splatoon’s user experience design. The … More UX Design in Splatoon